Sifu Chee Fan, photo: Michael Sato

About Kung Fu

Yee Chuan Tao

Yee Chuan Tao is a family generation-passed, classical martial art form that predates the Shaolin Temple by 3000 years. It is not related to Xingyichuan, another internal system. Yee Chuan received influences from martial monks in the Wudang Mountains in Central China and is a Taoist art form It was said that Yee Chuan was developed by a one-arm monk. The Chinese characters for Yee Chuan Tao literally translates as the "One Fist Way" can also mean "The First Martial Way". This art was lost to China (though those whose ages are between 70-80's who remain there may recognize it) during the Cultural Revolution when many masters were killed, went into hiding or escaped to Taiwan, then Canada and the US. Kung Fu was not taught in the U.S. by the Chinese in the open even as late as the 1950's and 60's due to government fears and concerns of that members of the Boxer Rebellion still exists underground. The famous Boxer Rebellion in China received its name from its association with an ancient Chinese martial art Kung-fu. During this bloody uprising in northern China in 1900, traditionalist members of a secret society called I-ho ch'uan ("Harmonious and Righteous Fists") set out to destroy all foreign influences in China, including schools, churches, and places. Yee Chuan Tao is a conceptual martial art form in which concepts are taught and made functional by developing students' ballistic movements and tapping into their creative energies. This art is spontaneous and alive. It serves to exercise both sides of the brain. Application of joint locks, "Chin Na", is also a part of the system's curriculum. It is an art based on self-defence and not a sport. Special attention is paid to body movements and an economy of motion. Yee Chuan Tao is an intenal/external martial art. Power comes from internal Chi brought to the surface at will and converted into external force only at the last possible moment of impact. Chi Gung and Tai Chi therefore is recommended as additional studies to a serious YCT Kung Fu student in which is also taught.

Yee Chuan Tao was passed down in the late 1950's family-style to Sigung Michael Vendrell when he was "adopted" by Master Leong as his own when Michael was only 3 years of age. Master Leong had then lost his only son to an accident in Mainland China. Master Leong became Sigung Vendrell's "Grandfather" until he passed the Chinese masters' underground test in L.A. Chinatown.

Today Sifu Chee is Sigung Michael Vendrell's top certified instructor of this ancient martial art. Realizing that an art form that gets passed down only from family member to family member can cause an extinction of a most effective martial art, Yee Chuan Tao is taught to anyone who has the heart to learn. It is a fun and unique martial art taught to students as if they are in a family unit. The Yee Chuan Tao family unit.

Kala, Sifu Chee, Dylan, Sensei Larry, photo: Micahel Sato

Tai Shan Mantis

Founded by Sigong Rob Moses, Tai Shan Mantis is a blend of Northern Shaolin/Praying Mantis System and Grandmaster Rob Moses' very own 9 Psalms Praying Mantis. Sigung Rob Moses was certified by Liang Kam Yuen. For those who are interested in lineages, you can find it here in 10th generation under Dr. Liang Kam Yuen as 9th.

There is extensive coverage regarding 9 Psalms Mantis in a Black Belt Magazine article here. Tai Shan Mantis is an external martial art with many Shaolin and Northern Praying Mantis qualities. It uses non-violent imagery in practice while developing a student's ballistic movements necessary for self-defence. Nine-palms praying mantis kung fu is a system of expressions that allow you to master yourself while achieving better health and fitness, a positive attitude and improved self defense abilities. Those expressions take you on a journey of circles, figure-eights, spirals, straight lines, ellipses and more. Sigong Rob Moses' mission is to bring love into a violent world and to show that in practicing Kung Fu, it is not always necessarily to conjure up blood-shed imagery to be effective.

Here at Yee Chuan Kung Fu, we incorporate Tai Shan Mantis into our training as well. Traditional Shaolin forms are taught as well as Nine Psalms Praying Mantis techniques. Techniques from 9 Psalms Praying Mantis are excellent to simulate student creativity as well as smoothing out movements for daily Kung Fu practice. Visit our blog here.