Sifu Rob Moses became a certified Tai Mantis Sifu in the early 1980s under Kam Yuen. Rob was David Carradine's trainer for over 20 years, and played the character “Master Khan" on the TV show Kung Fu: The Legend Continues. He recently returned from Beijing, China where he was working on another film with David Carradine, Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill, out October 2003.

United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame's 2002 Founder of the Year, Rob Moses, has Nine Palms Praying Mantis Kung Fu instructional video tape now available for sale. His unique Nine Palms Praying Mantis style has been featured in Black Magazine as well as other Kung Fu magazines. This video also features David Carradine and includes a free music video with Sifu Rob Moses.

Sifu Rob Moses is the creator of the 9 Palms Praying Mantis Martial Fitness System. He has taught both traditional Northern Shaolin/Tai Chi Praying Mantis as well as 9 Palms neo-classical Kung Fu in California, New York, Toronto, Thailand, China, Vancouver and Hawaii. His goals are to perpetuate the art of Kung Fu, and to offer alternative non-violent imagery through 9 Psalms movement, a from-the-heart, spirit-enhancer for the new millennium.

“Each of the nine palms is an expression that gives people something they can relate to—more than saying, ‘It’s an exercise.’ It’s similar to the ‘wax on, wax off ’ stuff from the Karate Kid movie. Rather than teaching people kicking, punching and forms that are set, Rob Moses developed this whole program that gets people to use their imagination while maintaining free but purposeful movement. The self defense thing is still there, but it is more of a byproduct”.— David Carradine —(Black Belt Magazine Article Jan 2002)

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