Yee Chuan Kung Fu is dedicated to the teachings of love, peace and harmony. Uniting body, mind and spirit, Yee Chuan Tao Kung Fu is a self-defense conceptual martial art form. It is an internal/external system developed over 3,000 years ago by Taoist monks. Sigung Michael Vendrell, the 88th master of the system, was raised in the Art by a Chinese Taoist Master and has since taught all over the world, including the movie business. Recently Grandmaster Michael Vendrell has named Sifu Chee Johnson and Sifu Larry Verble, who both have over 30 years each in the martial arts, as his top instructors, continuing the traditions and teachings of this classical system.

Classes are also offered for Chi Gung (a.k.a. Qigong, Chi Kung, Chi Gong), the self-healing art of utilizing one's own Chi (Qi) or life force energy to bring one's body into complete harmony thereby ridding itself of illnesses and conditions.

Sifu Chee also teaches Tai Chi (Taiji), a low impact form of exercise that utilizes slow, fluid movements and gentle stretching. Tai Chi is an internal martial art, which leads to the stimulation and revitalization of the internal organs. The movements of the Tai Chi form help to open up the energy pathways. Visit our blog here. See our testimonials here.

Sifu Chee Sword - Photo: Michael Sato

Sifu Chee, Student Kala, Photo: Michael Sato

Yee Chuan Tao

Sifu Chee Fan, Photo: Michael Sato

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