Ni Hao, Sifu Chee Lao Shir,

I'm so glad I came and joined your Kung Fu and especially your Tai Chi Class last Wednesday evening. What a scenic location you've chosen to share our Chinese Cultural practice of exercise promoting inner strength, harmony and peace. To be One with nature, as I can still hear the sounds of roaring waves in the ocean background and soothing sounds of water offshore; I can understand why your group would continue in the dark following you for several more rounds!

This positive experience I've had with you, your class and the atmospheric surroundings were most impressive that I've promised myself that this path is our ultimate way for oneness; of unity of mind, body, heart and soul with balance to achieve health, well being and harmony with nature.

The movements are graceful, natural and fluid-like just like the tigers, crane, and swiftness of a swallow's tail. Correct me for I've never learned Tai Chi long enough in the confines of a conventional box of a classroom, some issues would arise, some irritant or unwie action or                                                              However, with you....with that first class...it was smooth and perfect; you're the right Sifu for me and a gifted, wise and thorough leader who can not only teach this art form but to regimen and control, discipline the attitudes and conducts of your followers thus instilling harmony and respect overall. When a leader can discern or judge and take measures of protecting the ones who need protection in instilling in them sense of safety, then justly straighten or punish those who are unruly or disharmonic, is there respect and honor looking towards the Sifu as Goddess of Peace, Harmony and Justice.  Only under  such leadership will one truly learn without stress   that it becomes an enjoyment and relaxation   a space where natural healing happens.

Thank you Sifu so much for being there for me.

Shirley Pu Wills

Nov 24, 2013

Editorís note: Shirley Pu Wills is an accomplished, nationally known Chinese Brush Painting artist residing in Kona, Hawaii. To learn more about her and view her artwork, please visit her website at http://shirleypuwills.com/


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Special Guest Instructors:
We are very honored to have the world respected and renowned martial artists Sigong Michael Vendrell and Sigong Rob Moses as resident guest instructors. They will be instructing when home in Kona, Hawaii as their schedule allows.